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"Zeppelin meets Nirvana and then hangs out with the Stray Cats for a sec until Fugazi crashes it with Jack White."

Wolf Eel is a garage-gone-bluesy force that pushes the limits of hard rock’s rebellious thrills all the while retaining their classic rock roots. Their high octane guitar riffs, avalanche drum beats, and blustering bass lines sets the stage for their emotive vocals to soulfully grip the audience for an intense ride.


Wolf Eel formed in San Francisco mid 2015 as they locked themselves in a practice space room week after week. Each having a different musical background the project was founded on a democratic ideal that everyone had to like the direction musically. It took a few years to develop and iron out their original and multi-faceted sound that draws from a wide spectrum of influences. The 5 members of the band span the country from southern and northern east coast, mid-west, and west coast origins. 

Cole - Guitar
Eric - Vocals/Bass
John - Guitar
Justin - Drums
Baillie - Vocals

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